Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Don't Drink and Blog

You (by which I mean the untold hundreds, nay, thousands of faithful readers of my blog) might have noticed the addition of a link list over there on the right headed "Students." Perhaps you even thought Hmm, what's that about?

At Loyola this semester, I'm teaching a class called "Writing: Technique & Technology." As part of our investigation into the impact that technology has on writing, I have them all writing blogs - thus, the list. With the blogs, they'll get first-hand experience in what it means when the traditional avenues to getting writing in front of a potential audience are removed: no submitting, no editors, no publishers, no reviews, no long wait for a book to appear, no trying to get people to shell over 20 bucks, just write something, post it, and zing! it's instantly available for the entire to read for free. So head on over and find out if they'll learn anything besides this immortal advice I passed along on the first day of class:

Don't drink and blog - it's like drunk dialing the whole world.

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