Thursday, May 18, 2006

Driving Chris Matthews

I was going to bitch about Chris Matthew's ignorance and uselessness as moderator of the nationally televised mayoral debate, but Mark over at Wet Bank Guide did it for me.

Just for fun, everybody ask their next cab driver if they think New Orleans should be rebuilt - send me the results and I'll put 'em up.


Sophmom said...

I was surprised by the results.

jewrkngstif said...

ok sophmom... the results were??????

Sophmom said...

Sorry, I meant the results of the election. My bad.

While I am not there, I engage folks in conversation about NOLA when I can and the results of that (per Dale's question) are often surprising. The fact is that there are a whole lot of stupid, narrow minded, selfish people out there who find self-justification in blaming the victims and insisting that New Orleanians got what they deserved for living there in the first place because *they* don't want to face the notion that disaster can strike anyone, anywhere, any time. *sigh*

Dale said...

Sigh. See latest post.

But back to the election results, I was a surprised by some of it, not by others. It didn't surprise me that the city council largely changed, though I am surprised that more assessors didn't get the boot. Or maybe just disappointed.

Speaking of which, in the So Sad It's Funny Department, I got a letter last week with my new house assessment. According to the city, my house is officially worth (drumroll, please) $4,311.

I love that eleven dollars - how exactly did they come up with that?

Anyway, I think the mayoral election got down to not enough difference between the candidates. Unseating an incumbent is always difficult, and if you (or Landrieu) don't give people enough reason to, they will often go with the devil they know, which 52% of N.Orleanians did. So there you go, my two cents worth of post-election analysis.