Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Julie's Pics, or I'm A Big Lazy Butt

My old college bud Julie came to Louisiana recently to volunteer. She spent most of her time down in Buras, which is in Plaquemines parish, a rural and totally devastated part of the state. She stayed in a tent in the wreck of what was a YMCA, doing whatever needed doing, and there's still plenty to be done. The organization she was with, Emergency Communities, sets up to provide food, a laundromat, baby-sitting, internet access, you name it. She did spend a little time up here in the Big Squeegee, just long enough to eat at Coop's, drink at the R Bar, and shop at Winky's. She left yesterday, and already has pictures up, while I, on the other hand, have this faboo new computer and still can't get around to it. In my defense, it is mid-terms around here, which means that from last Friday to next Monday, I will get two classes worth of re-writes, one class of essays, one class of literature papers, one class of literature tests, and two classes of argument analyzes to grade. On the other hand, many of the pictures I intend to put up are over a year old, so really I have no excuse. However, if you want to look at pictures, you can check out Julie's here.


Filip S. said...

Hi Dale, I investigated a bit and people can add the feed for your blog using this link:

You can add it as a hyperlink to the right column and noone will ever miss your posts :-)

See ya.

Sophmom said...

Okay, when I went to Julie's pics it said they were temporarily unavailable and to check back later. I bet she's putting even more up there! ;)

Enjoy your reading, darlin'! Hopefully those lil buggers can write.

I try to make myself never feel guilty about not getting around to blogging or getting pictures up. I remind myself that it's something I do for me, so it is whatever it is. Period. So there.

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